Wind Turbine

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Wind Turbine

Parts of a TurbineThere are four main parts to a wind turbine; the blades, the nacelle, the tower, and the base. The blades are made of wood, plastic, or aluminum. The nacelle contains the transimission, sets of gears that converts the rpm radio, and generator, converts mechanical energy to electrical energy. The tower is a white steel cylinder about 150 to 200 feet tall and 10 feet in diameter. The base is the solid foundation for the turbine, made of strong cement.

Recommendation to Build a 50kW Wind Turbine

Larson Bay Junior HighLocated in Larson Bay, Alaska

Recommended by the Students Nicole Pofcher and Mia Sampson

Renewable?Renewable energy is any energy source that is naturally regenerated over a short time and comes from the sun, directly or indirectly, or from other natural mechanisms of the environment. Wind is derived indirectly from the sun, making it a renewable source.

Efficiency Efficiency of a wind turbine is the ratio of electric power output to the energy input of wind. There are many variables that determine the efficiency of a wind turbine such as location, air density, size of the turbine, and how long the turbine has been running. According to a German physicist named Albert Betz, the maximum efficiency from a wind turbine is about 59%.

Cost of 50kW Wind Turbine -$180,000 to $250,000Average annual energy bill for a school district in the US -~$300,000

How does wind energy work?Wind spins the blades, usually there are three, causing a lift. As the blades turn, they spin a shaft which is connected to a generator inside the housing at the top of the tower. The spinning generator produces electrcity. The generator inside pf a wind turbine converts the mechanical energy of moving wind into electrical energy that we can use in our houses, schools, and places of work.

We believe that Larson Bay Junior High School should install a wind turbine. Located on the coast of Alaska where it is windy, our school is an ideal place for a wind turbine. The initial cost of building the wind turbine is expensive (~$200K), but but will only take a few years to pay off because of savings on our annual electricity bills. No green house gases would be emitted by it! Also, it would be beneficial to the eighth grade science curriculum covering energy. The wind turbine would need to be installed on a hill overlooking our school, a good distance away. Many people say that wind turbines are noisy and kill birds, but with modern technology, that is truely rare.


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