Wind power

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Wind power

Three major ways of producing wind energy is through wind turbines, windmills and wind pumps. Wind is caused by changes in temperature (by air flowing from high pressure to low pressure.Generaladvantages of wind turbines are the complete absence of air pollution and high energy conversion efficiency. Well-designed wind turbines can recover up to 60-80% of the kinetic energy from the flow passing through their rotors.

Wind PowerBy Marleen and Macenzie

Advantages:-Non polluting-Produces a lot of energy for an effective cost.-Renweable energy-There is no fuel cost.

Disadvantages:-No power is produced if no wind is blowing.-Wind turbines and windmills can be a threat to wildlife.(kills birds)-Noise disturbance

Parts of a wind turbine

Wind farmsWind farms are formed when multiple wind turbines are placed in the same location for the purpose of generating large amounts of electric power.


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