Wind Power - Nebraska

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Wind Power - Nebraska

Wind Power

Location- NebraskaWhy- Nebraska has many fields which are beneficial for building wind turbines. It also is the fourth largest wind source in the nation. Nebraska has good wind source too( consistant winds all year long).

What is wind power?The process of which wind is involved in order to produce mechanical power or electricity. Power is provided from the motion of the wind

By: Julia Yang and Jen Gattuso

How does wind power work?


A generator takes the mechanical energy and process it into electricity

Takes kinetic energy form the winds and convert it into mechanical energy

I recommend that Nebraska should get wind powers because the state has a lot of extra space for these structures. The Fields there now are already filled with wind turbines. Wind power would not work in metropolitan cities because it would seem out of order compared to the skyhigh buildings. Also, Nebraska has 1,855,525 residents. That is much less than the populated states like California with 38,041, 430 residents and Illinois with 12,875,255. With a smaller population, Nebraska does not have to invest in as much wind turbines as the larger cities. Remember, these turbines are very costly. It is better for Nebraska to get wind power because they can buy less turbines and use it to power their whole state! Which is better- Less turbines that can almost power the whole state, or more turbines and cover not even 1/4 of the population?

Advantages?Some advantages of having wind power is that wind is FREE! Wind power also has a very high efficiency of 70%-85%. Despite the fact that the tall structure may take up space, the ground is still useable. Wind turbines do not interfere with farming.

$$$$ to build a wind turbine?-depends on their sizes-Wind turbines under 100 kilowatts cost roughly around $3,000-$8,000- An investment

Disadvantages..Although wind power has great efficiency, it's not the same all the time. Depends on the amount of wind available, the electricity produced will vary. Wind turbines are also very noisy. One windmill at its full working capacity can only power 475 homes, not enough for the whole village.

Wind turbines collect wind


-Infinite supply of wind-Wind is continuesly being produced

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