[2015] Aditi Ranabhor: Wind in the Door by Madeleine Lengle

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[2015] Aditi Ranabhor: Wind in the Door by Madeleine Lengle

This story mainly takes place at Charles's school where Meg has to name the real Mr.Jenkins from the other 2 Mr.Jenkins.The other 2 Mr.Jenkins were Echontres undercover.The other main place this story took place was galastic time where they defeated the Echontres and saved Charles, plus the whole entire solar system from the envading of Enchontres.


Lexile: 790

Meg: A highschooler who tries to help her younger brother (Charles) from the Enchontres(who always lacks confidence in herself). ( Protagonist)Calvin: Meg's friend and also a high schooler( athletic, really smart, and the one that knows what to do in a bad situation.) (Protagonists)Charles: He is the one having a hard time. He's pale and gets hurt from school every day. Enchontres is inside of him.(Protagonist)Principal Jenkins(Mr.Jenkins): The principal of Charles's grade school in the village. He thinks letting kids suffer and learn from it.He does not want to tolerate kids who are troubled by bullies and have problems in school.( Protagonist)Balenjy: He is a teacher from another planet who gives Meg, Calvin and Charles a task to complete that helps Charles recover. He helps immature earthlings. (Protagonist)Proginoskes: He is a Cherubim who tries to help Meg, Charles and Calvin throughout their task. He also helps shoo away Enchontres.(Protagonist)Enchontres: A type of creature in the Galastic time who tries to take over the solar system with hate.(Antagonist)

Wind in The DoorBy: Madeleine L'engleGnere: Scientific FictionBook Report Presentation By: Aditi R


Stranger in a Strange landProginoskes and Balenjy are new to Earth and came from another planet and came to earth to help imature earthlings.They didn't know anything about Earth. Meg and Calvin have to take down missions. Most of their missions had to do with the place called the Galistic time.They had no idea what to was going on there.So with the help of Balengy and Proginoskes they figured out what to do with Echontres.

The resolution or the solution to this story was Meg, Calvin , Balengy, and Proginoskes going into the Galastic time and getting help from a Frandole ( a extreme small creature that has mouse like whisker). The frandole that helped them was named Sporos. Sporos told them everything they need to know about defeating Echontres and even gave them a great plan. So they took ideas from each others plan and made a whole new better plan to defeat Enchontres.

Man vs societyMeg, Calvin and Charles have to defeat the Enchontres.The whole Murray family is being excluded from their village because they think Charles is wierd, a show off , crazy, and too smart for his age. Mr.Jenkins, the principal won't do anything about it. He thinks parents should handle the problems of their kids themselves if their kids are too small.







Pg 3, "" I wonder if Mr.Jenkins have seen Dragons" said Charles."

Pg 10," Why do people mistrust others for being different?"



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