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Wind Ensemble/ Group 5/ Bach

Johann Sebastian Bach, a German composer, was born on march 31st, 1685, and died on July 28th, 1750. He fathered 13 children, and had two wives over the course of his lifetime. He was a prominent figure in baroque music, and is still praised for it today. His choral harmonizations and fugal works adopted as models of new generations in the 18th century. Music would not be the same as it is today if not for Bach.

Missa in SI Minor

Johann Sebastian Bach

Along with being a composer, Bach was also an organist, harpsichordist, violist, and violinist.

At the time of Bach's death on July 28th, 1750, a contemporary newspaper reported it was due to, "the unhappy consequences of the very unsuccessful eye operation." Modern historians speculate that the cause of death was a stroke complicated by pneumonia.

Bach wrote for single instruments, duets, small ensembles, and choirs. He also wrote many songs for the harpsicord.

Mass in B Minor

Bach wrote Mass in B Minor during his final years of life. He died before it was performed publicly.

Bach spoke many languages, including German, his mother-tongue. He was also thought to have spoken Latin, French, and Italian.



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