Wind Energy

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Wind Energy

Wind Energy

Taylor University, which is a local college over in Upland, IN, has two wind turbines that produces power for their Euler Science Complex.

Advantages & Disadvantages

Clean fuel sourceDoesn’t use waterIs a domestic source of energyInexhaustibleCost-effectiveWind turbines can be built on farms and ranches that already exist

Wind power must compete with conventional generation sources on a cost basis.Good wind sites are often located in remote locations, far from cities where the electricity is needed.Turbines might cause noise and change the viewshed.Though wind turbines harm wildlife less than some conventional sources of electricity, turbine blades could damage local wildlife.

There’s a ton of them you can see on your way up to Chicago when you take 65 and local ones are throughout Madison and Grant county.

Vestas, a Denmark company, is the only global power company in the world just focused on wind energy.

In a wind farm the turbines themselves take up less than 1% of the land area. Existing activities like farming and tourism can take place around them and animals like cows and sheep are not disturbed.

Wind energy is being explored and used because it’s healthier and clearer for the environment. With wind energy there are many types of wind patterns to be studied, from trade winds to Polar Easterlies. Every type of wind pattern is based in a different part of the world. Prevailing Westerlies is in most of America except for the bottom of Florida.



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