Wind Energy

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Wind Energy

A single small wind turbine can generate electricity for a single home, while many larger turbines lined up together on wind farms can generate electricity for the grid.

Wind Energy

Wind turbines capture wind energy within the area swept by their blades. They produce a power output proportional to the air density and the wind speed cubed. The spinning blades drive an electrical generator that produces electricity for export to the grid.

Wind energy (or wind power) is a form of renewable energy that uses airflow to generate electricity.Wind turbines are typically about 120 metres high to capture stronger winds and their blades span about 45 metres.

Installed wind energy in Australia by state

Wind power is currently the cheapest source of large-scale renewable energy. In 2013, Australia's wind farms produced over a quarter of the country's clean energy, enough to power the equivalent of more than 1.3 million homes. Wind power supplied 4 per cent of Australia's overall electricity during the year.

Some of the companies who make this power. Acciona Energy (Spain) Alstom Wind (Spain) AREVA (France) Purchased Multibrid (Germany) in June 2010 Boeing (USA) Only experimental; dismantled. Clipper Windpower (USA) CSIC (Chongqing) HZ Wind Power (China) DeWind (Germany/USA) - subsidiary of Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (Korea)

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