Wind Energy

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Wind Energy

Wind Energy

How a wind turbine works.

Wind EnergyWind energy is the use of wind to create energy. Wind energy is usually created by wind turbines. Wind turbines are big towers with 2 or 3 blades on top. Wind turbines are big and tall because the wind is stronger off the ground. The wind needs to be blowing at least 18kmph to make a wind turbine usable so they are usually built where it is almost always windy. When the wind turns the blades of a windmill, it spins a turbine inside a small generator to produce electricity. The bigger the wind turbine, the more wind it reaches and the more electricity it produces. Wind turbines are usually found at wind farms. Wind farms are places where wind turbines are grouped together. Power companies build wind farms with dozens of turbines. The biggest wind farm in Australia is Macarthur wind farm. It is also the biggest wind farm in the southern hemisphere. It is located in Victora, Australia and it generates enough power for 220,000 homes. There are different purposes for wind energy:-wind turbines for electrical power-wind mills for mechanical power-wind pumps for water pumping or drainage-sails to move ships aroundWind energy is the fastest growing of all renewable energy sources.

How a wind turbine works. ( and my bicycle man)

Advantages of wind energy-The energy turbines create is renewable.-pollution free-Uses less fossil fuels which are one of the causes of global warming

Extra Fact!*By 2050 wind energy could supply up to 12% of global demand for electricity

Disadvantages of wind energy-Some people dont like the look of turbines- They are noisy-There are reports of birds being killed by turbines but this is very rare.



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