Wind Energy

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Wind Energy

Wind Energy

Description: Wind energy is a source of energy that is not as common as conventional sources: It has few negative impacts on the environment but all tend to be quite renewable. Wind comes from the sun and heats up the surface which causes hot air to rise and cool air to fill the void.

Advantages: Wind energyhas many advantages: It is one of the fastest growing and renewable sources in Canada.Canada’s wind energy development is supposed to expand in the upcoming years.There are 210 wind energy companies which is goodbecause it leaves 1,200 people with occupations.Wind energy does not pollute our earth and it uses its space efficiently.

Cost: Wind energy is a very expensivepurchase, to buy it, its $1.3 million.

Disadvantages: Most of the time wind turbines do not look good. Global warming is creatinga climate crisis. The wind turbines arebad for wildlife because it can kill many birds. The turbines create many barriers, not only for animals but humans too. Wind turbines should not be put in any place where birds migrate, breed and/or congregate. text here


Wind energy can very soon be the cheapest way to produce energy on the large scale, of course in areas with suitable climate conditions.



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