Wind Energy

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Wind Energy

Wind Energy

Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine (HAWT)Advantages:-Catches stronger winds due to its height- For every 10 yards up, the wind could increase its speed by up to 20% which can increase the energy output by as high as 34%Disadvantages-Much larger and more expensive to install-Can be seen from a difference which may disrupt landscape-Requires massive tower construction to support heavy blades

CostsA utility horizontal wind turbine costs around 1.3-2.2 million dollars per wind turbine. Once installed, they cost 3-4 million dollars. Vertical wind turbines can cost as low as a couple thousand dollars, but one large enough to actually power a part of our school would cost in the range of $50000-$80,000.

Energy CreatedWind turbines capture about 60% of the kinetic energy in the wind and then transforms about 70-80% of the kinetic energy captured into electricity. A vertical wind turbine of the size that we could install at our school could produce enough electricity to power an average american home for a year.

How A Wind Turbine WorksThe wind turns the blades which are attached to a shaft. The wind energy is then transformed into mechanical energy as the blades spin the shaft which is connect to a generator. As the mechanical energy travels from the shaft to the generator, it is transformed into electrical energy which is sent through transmission lines to a substation where it then goes to power our homes, businesses, schools, and other electricity consumers.

Colin Crowe and Mike Kelly

Verticle Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT)Advantages- No braking mechanisms needed-Lower wind start up speeds and can be lower to the ground, which makes it easier to repair-Less parts which means less repairsDisadvantages-Lower to the ground so catches, so it does not catch stronger winds higher up-Lower average efficiency than a HAWT

We think that our school should invest in the renewable source of wind energy. Wind energy is a renewable energy source because wind is an unlimited resource. Wilmette Junior High School would make a great spot for a vertical wind turbine due to its open fields in the back which are almost always windy. We think what a vertical wind turbine will be better than a horizontal wind turbine, because a vertical wind turbine would only cost a fraction of a horizontal wind turbine and it would still be able to power a portion of our school. Also, a taller windmill may disturb the peace and landscape of a small community like Wilmette. With a vertical axis wind turbine, our school could become more energy efficient and eco-friendly.


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