[2014] Sarah Nalley: Wind Energy

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[2014] Sarah Nalley: Wind Energy

Wind energy is when turbines capture the flow of air and turn it into mechanical or electrical energy.



How it works

Where it is used

Wind energy is free and a renewable source. Wind will be here for a long time, so it is dependable. Wind energy is also very clean and it doesn't pollute the air. The wind turbines also don't make atmospheric emission. Atmospheric emission causes acid rain and greenhouse gases.

To collect wind energy, you need a wind turbines. Making turbines are expensive. People also don't like the look of them and they think they are really loud and noisy. They also have blades which hurt wildlife like birds and bats. The last thing people do not like about the wind turbines is the shadow flicker which is where the blades create a shadow that moves on the ground.

Wind energy is found wherever their is wind and turbines. Wind turbines are sometimes found on land or sea. They can also be found on wind farms, rural farms, and in open areas.

Is wind energy efficient?

It depends. In Mississippi, it is not efficient because we have a bunch of hills and trees, but in Texas it is efficient becasue it is a flat area.


How is it provided?

The wind turns the wings of the turbine, which is connected to a generator so it can make electricity. To get the energy/electricity into the house or school, you will have to connect the generator to an electricity tower, which should be connected to the house or school.


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