wilt chamberlain

by christinaheatwole
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wilt chamberlain


Wilt Chamberlain is the 7’1, 275 Pound Center of the NBA from 1960-1973. People would always bug him about his height. And people always ask if he played basketball. “What else can a group of tall black guys walking around the streets be doing?” He says. Besides being a basketball star.People don’t call him Wilt, his friends and family started calling him “dip” or “dipper” when he started having to dip under doors just to get in. Now he is known as the Big dipper. Wilt had the chance to enter the NBA right out of high school. But he chose to go to college instead. Wilt could’ve quit basketball if he wanted to. He said that when the warriors were about to trade him, he was ready to quit. He had made investments in San Francisco and could support himself for the rest of his life. But through to words of his friends, he didn’t quit.

Wilt Chamberlain



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