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Wilma Rudolph

Guess what? Did you ever have between 21 and 22 brothers and sisters? Wilma did! She was a great runner who had gone through a tough life. She had a disease that made her leg twist inward. The only doctor who treated black people came over. He said she may never walk again. She had to wear a metal brace. Wilma wouldn’t let that happen! She did foot-workouts to help her leg to get stronger. When they went to church, the moment of truth happened. She took her metal brace off! She walked into the church, one foot in front of the other. She took a seat, then began to sing. After that, her leg began to get stronger and stronger, and they finally shipped the metal brace back. Wilma knew her life just restarted and began again. She finally got to play basketball. She was great at it! In basketball she had a team going all over the state! She got to the last game, BUT LOST! She was so used to winning she was SO upset! A college coach saw her and was really excited. She was great at running! Then he offered her to go on his running team. She was happy to hear that. and she accepted. She got invited to college. She was the first member of the family to go to college. She won a ton of races! S he won three gold medals at the Olympics. At the relay race event, she was the last one to get the baton and get to the finish. She almost tripped when she got the baton! But then she sped off CHEETAH SPEED! She WON!!! Years later, she died from a cancer. That is a biography of Wilma Rudolph.


June 23,Wilma Rudolph was born in St. Bethlehem, Tennessee.1944- Became sick with polio1947- Started to walk with leg brace1956- Invited to run at Tennessee State University for the summer; competed in Olympic Games in Melbourne, Australia; won bronze medal in the 400-meter relay race1958- Started college at Tennessee State University1960- Competed in Olympic Games in

Here are some achievements that Wilma Rudolph did: She was the first to win 3 gold medals in one Olympics. No one ever did that! Also, when she ran in the relay race, she almost dropped the baton! But then she sped off like a cheetah and won! It was breathtaking. Well, that was some accomplishments Wilma Rudolph did.

Why She Inspires Me

Wilma inspires me because she did something no one else could do! Its amazing that Wilma ran lots of runs and won! She won 3 gold medals,and won 1 bronze medal.This inspires me because i could run too!She told me in motion that you can achieve if you you keep trying.Besides,I’ve never seen Wilma lose,have you?Now you know why Wilma Rudolph inspires me.


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Wilma Rudolph:Gold Medal Winner

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