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Wilma Rudolph


Wilma Rudolph was born in 1940. Can you imagine having 19 older brothers and sisters? Well, Wilma did. Wilma got polio at the age of 5. She had to wear a silver brace on her leg to help her walk. One day when Wilma and her family were walking into church, Wilma took a risk; she took off her brace and walked into church without it. I bet she felt relieved and proud without her brace on…Wilma and her mother both wrapped up the brace in a nice silver medal box to treasure it forever.The next thing she knew, Wilma was playing basketball. A college track coach was admiring Wilma’s skills. She got invited to Tennessee State University and joined the track team.In her first Olympic game she won a bronze medal. That was in 1956.It was four years later when Wilma was at the 1960 Olympic games. Getting ready for her first race Wilma twisted her ankle. When she was already running she ignored all her injuries and kept going. Go Wilma go!! That day Wilma won three gold medals!!!When she got older she became a teacher and a coach...


1940 Wilma was born1946 Wilma got polio1950 She learns how to walk without her brace1956 Joins the Olympic track team 1956 Wins bronze medal in her first running race1960 Graduates from college and gets married1981 Wilma creates the Wilma Rudolph Foundation1994 Dies of cancer at age 54

Wilma Rudolph accomplished some things - I’ll tell you what they are! In Wilma’s first Olympic race she won a bronze medal, in her second Olympic race Wilma won three gold medals. Wilma even accomplished to fight through polio...

Inspires me


Krull, Kathleen. Wilma Unlimited: how Wilma Rudolph became the world fastest woman.Pictures:www.commons.wikimedia.org



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Wilma Rudolph inspires me because she encourages others to work hard and to believe, complete and/or achieve their dreams. She also inspires people to make good choices and to take risks...Wilma also inspires me because she never gave up during hard times or at any time, and even with 19 older brothers and sisters, Wilma found a way to stand out in her family crowd.


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