Willow Tree

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Willow Tree

Willow Tree leaves are in an alternate placement. They have one simple leaf blade even though they look compound. Their seeds are about three or four inches long, and look like hairy corn stalks.They have a pinnate vein system, and are unlobed. They are about six inches long and around two inches wide with a serrated edge. Weeping Willows don't have a definite shape, but sort of have an umbrella look.

The Weeping Willow can be found throughout South Dakota, and throughout most of the U.S.

Weeping Willows have a shorter lifespan than other trees. They usually live around 40 to 75 years while otherscan live over 100 years.

Uses:1.Medicine-temporary relief of headache, stomachache, etc.2.Manufacturing-can be woven into wicker3.Agriculture-bees use the nectar to make honey4.Art-used to make charcoal and used to make sculptures

Aphids, caterpillars, gypsy moths, scales, and borders are pests that will eat the Willow's leaves.

Weeping Willow

Scientific Name is Salix babylonia

A Willow tree's bark is brown and rough with deep furrows in it.

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