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Willie Mays

Willie Mays currently co-holds the record for the most MLB All-Star Game appearances, and has prestigeous awards honoring his name. He was named the second best baseball player who ever lived, only after Babe Ruth. "Willie Mays remains one of baseball's immortal legends."

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Why He's Important

"The Catch"

Willie MaysA Baseball Legend

"Mays blasted a league-leading 51 home runs in 1955, and the following year he won his first of four consecutive stolen base titles. In addition to being arguably the top all-around player in the game, he was a hero in his Harlem community. Mays famously played stickball with the local kids, his cheerful exuberance earning him the nickname, the "Say Hey Kid.""

Willie Mays born on May 6, 1931.

Joined the Black Barons in 1947.NLB

Joined the New York Giants in 1951. MLB

Drafted into the Army in 1952.

Made baseball's most famous catch 1954.

Inducted in Baseball Hall of Fame in 1979.

Had a career best of 52 homerruns in 1965.

Ninth player to hit four homeruns in one game in 1961.


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