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william's glog

Magnet Man was a science judge. He was one day judgeing and came accross a enormous magnet. He turned this mammoth m agnet on and instantly he was sucked in by the immense force of the unique magnet. He was no where to be seen. After everyone had gave up and left the building magnet man was thrown back out of this huge magnet. He discovered that he was wearing a superhero costume, with the logo MM. He than thought he should be called ' Magnet Man'.

Magnet Man's amazing powers prevent natural disasters from striking. He is world known and is extravagantly famous.

Magnet Man looks extremely fit and healthy. He has short brown hair with bright yellow skin. Magnet Man's shoes are a ripe red coloured and have sharp, pointed ends. He wears a long sleeved inner shirt with long green inner trouseres. Magnet man also wears a long, black cabe tied around his neck.


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