Williams, B. 550 Learning Environment

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Williams, B. 550 Learning Environment

Bennett Williams R.T.(R) B.S. Core tenets of my teaching practice:

Maintain Challenge - Students will rise to the occasion. Accept nothing less than their very best. Uphold Motivation - Be an endless source of encouragement, inspiration, and emotional reinforcement. Be Diverse and Original -Teach though multiple styles and channels for different types of learners. Model - Be an example, share experiences, add a personal dimension to the classroom.

On technological evolution and collaboration in today's society. "Way New Collaboration" by Howard Rheingold

On teaching , income, and following your heart. "What Teachers Make" by Taylor Mali. (slightly vulgar)

SMPTE Test Pattern: used to calibrate resolution on image displays. SMPTE = Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers.

Innovation - Communication - Collaboration - Technology

17 years of clinical experience in Computed Tomography and Diagnostic Imaging. B.S. Biology, Phi Beta Kappa

Traditional & Modern instructional methods



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