William Wilberforce

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William Wilberforce

William Wilberforce member of parliament in Yorkshire

Was born on the 24th of august in 1759, In Kingston, Uphill, Studied in Law at St. John's College. In 1780 he joined a Tory Group to get real experince in a debate, however in 1784 he became the first member of parliament

1785, William had a religious belief and underwent a conversion to become catholic and this changed how he thought of the world.

1787 he met a anti slavery activist group, and became good friends with Thomas Clarkson, In Britain. In 1790 William And Thomas joined a group of parliament with the name of Clapham.

For a long 18 year's William and Thomas were advertising the idea of stop slavery. bills introduced by Wilberforce were defeated in 1791, 1792, 1793, 1797, 1798, 1799, 1804, and 1805

His Christianity got him involved with social reform, William was then trying to improve the work conditions of a factory in Britain. However as he saw a ship come in with thousands of Black African people to be auctioned as slaves William couldn't stand this madnes.

In 1821, William asked Thomas Foxwell member of Clapham, hull to take over the leadership role in his campaign because of Williams bad health. In 1833 William wrote his last petition , the debate in parliament lasted for 3 month's. However 3 days before the bill was passed William passed away. 3 days later July 29th 1833 his bill was past and Slavery in the Britain Empire was diminshed William was succesful

Finally he won against the Britain Government and the bill for the Abolishment of Slave trade was done. William knew that the trade was over, however he was not satisfied so himself and Thomas had to start fighting for the complete abolishment of slavery.


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