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William T Sherman


William Tecumseh ShermanOver View:An american solider, businessman, educator and author. General During american civil war- Union ArmyEarly years:Born on Feb. 8, 1820 in Lancaster OH and was one of eleven childern. His father was a successful lawyer of Ohio supreme court but died suddenly when he was only 9 years old. He was than raised by a family friend; Thomas Ewiny (senator). Sherman graduated from west point in 1840 (sixth in his class) and struggled in the beginning of his military years but than achieved later on in his life.Beliefs:-Sherman believed that Union should remain intakes -strongly believed that Union would win-War was hell

1861- Colonel during Bull Run (Union was defeated)1861- Suffers Nervous breakdown ' is reassinged1862- Battle of Shiloh w/Grant- was apoointed major Gen.1863- Battle of Chattanooga (Victory)1864- March to the sea1891- Died in New York City

William T. Sherman was one of the most famous Union generals- best known for his March to Sea; which not only was an agressive stratey but one major event that led to the end of the Civil War and president Lincoln's election. However he's had many more accomplishments: other battles during war and publishment of Memoris (1875). One of thr most famous 1st hand accounts of the War.

Lasting Impact

Ask Georgia who's the most hatered man in their history is... The answer: William Sherman- Although this seems like a bad reputation, was a hero to the north a fearless leader who raged total war on the South and one of the great impacts that gave way to Union's victory.


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Willam T. Sherman

March to the Sea


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