[2013] Zach Grzesik (Sixth Grade, Doherty 6th): William T. Sherman

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[2013] Zach Grzesik (Sixth Grade, Doherty 6th): William T. Sherman

May 25, 1829My dad died yesterday my mom and I are so depressed. Now he is gone i have to do all the hard work around the house. Ten days later my mother killed herself because she was so depressed my father died. my sisters and and brothers and I Had to he live with my parents friends because we had no where to go. June 19, 1856After trying my luck as a banker but having no success i joined the military because there was talk that a war was going to begin even though i don't believe in war if there is a war i will fight till i die.December 19, 1861After being defeated at the battle of bull run i began to question my own judgment i was demoted But after i got my act together i won battles and was promoted to the second general in command.May 7, 1862My son died of typhoid fever i was very depressed but i couldn't let it affect me. There was a battle a few days later and i laid waste to the south and because of my bravery i was promoted to the second in command general.December 1862-1865I persisted to do my best to defeat the south and eventually guess what, i did. June ,25 1866The war was finally over I had won and became the number one general because U.S. Grant became president.

*1820 Born*1861 was Union colonel in battle of Bull Run*1862 became second general in command*1863 son died*1864 led Shermans march*1865 Civil war ended*1891 Died

William Sherman's major contribution to the war was that he was a Union general and he won many battles. His job never changed during the war except him being promoted and demoted. He made a 60 mile long path of destruction through the south and destroyed lots of transpiration and made the south have lots of problems because they had no way to transport thingsHis life changed during the war because he lost the battle of bull run in the beginning of the war and was demoted and started to question his judgment but he got his act together and was promoted to the second general in command.His view never changed on slavery he thought it is a repugnant this that is cruel and never ever should be legal. My son died of typhoid fever he was so depressed but there was nothing he could do about it and he had an army to lead After the war he stayed in the army for a while but he quit the army and devoted his life t o painting and acting


bibliography * Biogrphy.com *Timeline*Bookfields of fury the american civil war*Video*flag pic*pic of him in top left* battle of Gettysburg pic*pic of him in top right pic around the edge


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William T. Sherman

“I am tired and sick of war. Its glory is all moonshine. It is only those who have neither fired a shot nor heard the shrieks and groans of the wounded who cry aloud for blood, for vengeance, for desolation. War is hell.”—William Tecumseh Sherman



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