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William Still

William Still was a free-born black man who was a great leader for the aboltionist movement and was an excellent writer for the antebellum period. He was a self determined man that furthered his knowledge and worked for the furthering of his people. A self taught reader and writer, Still documented the lives of escaping slaves while working to free them with the Underground Railroad. Still self published his book "The Underground Railroad" and continued to help further his race as he was a member of great status in multiple associations for the advancement of his people.


Oct 7, 1821--William Still was born1844-- Still moves to Philidelphia1850--Fugitive slave act passed1872--Publishes book

-William Still was a self-taught reader and writer. -He was a very active asset to the Underground Railroad, liberting hundreds of people.-Self-published his book "The Underground Railroad".-Organizer and Financer of the Pennsylvania Civil, Social, and Statistical Association-He was a successful businessman-Organized different organizations to assist blacks individuals

Lasting Impact

William Still was a man of exceptional self efficiency that used his power to advance and liberate his people.


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