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William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare

FAMILYWilliam Shakespeare's father, John Shakespeare, was a farmer until 1551 when he moved to Stratford to begin a new bussiness in trading wool, mat and coal. His mother, Mary Arden, was a noble catholic who inherited land and money giving the couple a good married life. They had 2 daughters that did not survive more than a year. Then William was born followed by three borthers and two sisters.

EDUCATIONWilliam began school at about age six or seven at Stratford grammar school where he learned basic english and a lot of Latin. He left school at the age of 14 to help his father with the finances and did not go back since at 18 he married Anne Hathaway.

MARRIAGE LIFEAt the age of 18 William married 26 year old Anne Hathaway, six months after their marriage they had a girl (Sussana) and two years later they had twins (Judith and Hammeth). He left Anne to work in London but did not divorce.

Left his wife his second best bed

Between 1585 and 1592 he began his career as an actor, writer and part owner of a playing company in London called Lord's Chamberlain's men later known as the king's men.He wrote comedies, tragedies, histories adn romances.

- Considered to be best poet and playwrite. -- Contributed more than 17 hundred words and phrases to english vocabulary, amazement and birthplace.- Created characters like hamlet, plots and comedies that we still find funny.- Grew up in Elizabethan age a time of high manners and elevated speech

Born on April 23, 1664and died on April 23, 1616



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