William Shakespeare

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William Shakespeare

Birth: the date of his birth isn't clear and the date of his death is the May 3, 1616 on the Gregorian calendar and the Julian calendar on April 23, 1616.Shakespeare was of British nationality.He was also a playwright, poet and English actor.His wife was Anne Hathaway and their children are Susanna Hall, Hamnet and Judith Shakespeare Quiney.

Famous Quotes

*Better to be king of your silence slave of your words*The love of youth is not in the heart, but in the eyes.*In our crazy attempts, give up what we are for what we hope to be.*Pay ear to all, and a few voice heard censures of others, But book your own opinion.

Lasting Impact

Shakespeare is considered the most important writer in the English language and one of the most famous in the world literature


Plays*Romeo and Juliet (1597).*Much ado about nothing (1600).*Hamlet (1603).*The Tempest (1623).

William Shakespeare

Amount of Plays

In total, he wrote thirty-seven plays, 154 sonnets, and five long narrative poems, including "Venus and Adonis", "The Rape of Lucrece", "The Passionate Pilgrim", "The Phoenix and the Turtle", and "A Lover's Complaint".


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