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William Shakespeare

On April 23, 1564 one of the greatest English writers was born. William Shakespeare was born in Stratford-upon-Avon, from John Shakespeare and Mary Arden. When Shakespeare was 18 he married to Anne Hathaway, who was 26 at the time. They then had their first child that same year. Later they had twins, Judith and Hamnet. There then came the time period in Shakespeare’s life known as The Lost Years during this time there were no records of shakespeare anywhere. This time ended and records of Shakespeare had appeared in London. In London he joined a group of actors known as Lord Chamberlain’s Company. Shakespeare at this point was mostly and actor, he then wrote Henry VI Part II, and became known as a playwright. Most of Shakespeare’s plays were performed in the Globe Theatre. The theatre was closed for some time because the plague was going around. Once the pandemic was gone the theatre opened up and it was business as usual! Later in his life Shakespeare wrote some of the most well known plays, which are still performed today! Some of those plays included Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, and many more. Those plays were not only popular now, but were very popular at this time too. His plays were enjoyed by everyone at the time, from the poor to the rich, and now are enjoyed by everyone.


1564 - The birth of Shakespeare1582 - Married Anne Hathaway1583 - First child christianized1590 - First play performed1599 - Globe Theatre was built1612 - Last Play written1616 - Death of Shakespeare

1590 - Published Henry VI, Part II, this is his first play, and started his writing career1595 - Published Romeo and Juliet, still popular, and a (Somewhat) relatable story still today1596 - A Midsummer's Night Dream, popular because of it's odd plot, and interesting story1603 - Published Hamlet, his most popular play1612 - Published The Two Noble Kingsmen, his last play

Lasting Impact

I believe that Hamlet is Shakespeare's most significant contribution. I believe this because Hamlet is full of action, there is always something to keep to audience interested, and it is full of surprises. Hamlet is full of action even in the beginning from the conversation with his father’s ghost all the way to the end of Hamlet’s life there is always conflict, which also helps keep the audience interested. It is also very full of surprises, one example is when Hamlet kills Polonius thinking that it is the king. This book has brought tears, drama, and pain to students who have had to read this for school work, but have also brought joy to those who appreciate the works of Shakespeare. This work has allowed many students and teachers the opportunity to read, and study how the works of Shakespeare have affected the English language. This is also is a great book to show how the outline for modern movies goes with, there is drama, sex, death and plot twists.

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William Shakespeare



"He was not of an age, but for all time!" - Ben Jonson


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