William Shakespeare

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William Shakespeare

william shakespeare

His Contribution to the renaissance was that he created a new style of play writing because he mixed both tragedy and comedy into one "which in his times was a big deal because way back then comedies were comedies and tragedies were tragedies,they were never collaborated." He was also known for his theater, The Globe.

3. Shakespeare’s parents were probably illiterate, and his children almost certainly were.4. Nobody knows what Shakespeare did between 1585 and 1592.

5. Shakespeare’s plays feature the first written instances of hundreds of familiar terms.6. We probably don’t spell Shakespeare’s name correctly—but, then again, neither did he.

7. Shakespeare’s epitaph wards off would-be grave robbers with a curse.8. Shakespeare wore a gold hoop earring or so we think.

1. Shakespeare’s father held a lot of different jobs, and at one point got paid to drink beer.2. Shakespeare married an older woman who was three months pregnant at the time.

9. North America’s 200 million starlings have Shakespeare to thank for their existence.10. Some people think Shakespeare was a fraud.


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