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William Shakespeare

A man who wasn't afraid to speak his mind, tthrough poetry, acting, and playwriting. This man is William Shakespeare. William Shakespeare birth is not certain. But we celebrate it on April 23. He married to Anne Hathatway in 1582. He had three children with her. Susanna Shakespeare in 1583 and twins in 1585, Judith and Hamnet Shakespeare. To this day Shakespeare is still a mystery. We don't know much about his personal life. 1587 - 1592 are called his lost years. Once agian Shakespeare pops up in London in 1592. He is a part of the Chamberlain's Men, which was changed to the King's Men. Will was the part owner, playwriter, and actor, he earned a lot of money. The King's Men performed in the Theater and in the court for Queen Elizabeth. With the King's Men, Will wrote some of his bst early plays, like Romeo and Juliet. He grew fame all over London. While he had a great time with his group, he decided it was time to go home. Once he went back to Stratford, he did not stop writing he wrote for another five years. Wiilliam's last play was The Tempest. Shakespeare died in 1616. But his poetry andplays will always be remebered.


April 23, 1564- Shakespeare Born1582- Marriage, Anne Hathaway1583- Susanna Shakespeare is Born1585 - Twins Born, Judith and Hamnet Shakespeare 1587- Shakespeare's Lost Years1596- Hamnet Dies 1616 - William Shakespeare Dies

William Shakespeare wrote many plays about love, tradgy, action, saddness, comedy, drama, and every genre he could think of. William Shakespeare was a great actor, playwriter, and poet. He also owned a theater.Through his life Shakespeare was not wealthy. Threw his amazing plays and poems he earned fame and money for him and his family.

Lasting Impact

William Shakespeare was a great poet, playright, and actor.


Who was William Shakespeare By Davidson Mannis Illustrated by John O' Brein




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