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William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare was a man with true passion. He wrote poems and plays which were unique and amazing. He built The Globe Theater, letting nothing coming in his way. Now he has become big history for his talent.

William Shakespeare Life Events 1.William Shakespeare was born April 23rd 1564 in Stratford upon Avon. 2.John Shakespeare & Mary Arden were his parents. 3.He had 7 brother and sisters. 4.His dad was the town mayor, and worked as a prosperous glove maker. 5.William and his siblings were all cramped up in his father’s house. 6.William went to grammar school when he was 6 or 7, and his school went from 6 am to 6pm 6 day a week and all around the year 7. He learned to read Latin, Greek, and studied Roman classics 8. William graduated when he was 16 from school. 9. William married Anne Hathaway on November 27 1582. 10. Many facts and years of his life remained a mystery. 11. They had several children: Susanna, and two twins, Judith and Hamlet which later on died age 11. 12. In 1587, group of actors came to Stratford, so William went with them to become an actor as well. 13. His first play was Henry V I which he wrote in 1592 in London when he went with the actors. 14. In 1599 William and “The Lord Chamberlain’s Men” decided to build The Globe Theater, since the old theater would not reopen. 15. “The Lord Chamberlain’s Men” did not give up, even if costs and problems got in their way. 16. The Globe Theater stood standing until 1613. 17. One of the actors fired cannon in the opening scene of a play, and the sparks from the cannon caught on fire. 18. People saved a bundle of costumes and copies of Shakespeare’s plays. 19. William went back to Stratford in 1611, and then passed away in 1616. 20. William Shakespeare later on, became history and got famous for all his writings and plays!

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