[2015] carsonmangold gabrielgallagher: William Shakespeare and the cream filled donuts by Carson Man

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[2015] carsonmangold gabrielgallagher: William Shakespeare and the cream filled donuts by Carson Man

General Facts

William Shakespeare is best known for writing Romeo and Juliet, Julius Caesar, Hamlet, Othello, King Lear, and Antony and Cleopatra. In his final years, he wrote Cymbeline, A Winter's Tale, and The Tempest. He also invented thousands of words by mixing Latin, French, and Native roots.

Contributions to the World

One of William Shakespeare's most famous works was Romeo and Juliet. It was a tragedy about two lovers who could not be together. He brought a new psychological realism and depth to drama, and created hundreds of living, believable characters, all of them different individuals showing the rich diversity of humanity.

An original manuscript


Shakespeare was baptized April 26th 1564 in England there is not much recorded history of his early childhood but we do know that he was the oldest of 5 children. By the late 1590s he had written 15 plays and had performed in many more. A few years later he got married to Ann Hathaway and had 2 kids, one of which died at age eleven. There is not a exact death date for William, but we do know that he was in business with Francis Bacon, making his theater company bigger at the time of his death.

Francis Bacon and his legacy

Francis Bacon was a wealthy scientist and business man. He was on a business trip when he met Shakespear and made a deal with him to double his company. Sadly the next year he was working on how to preserve animals with the cold and stuffed a hen with snow. He then got a chill which led to bronchitis eventually killing him.

After Shakespear died his plays grew more and more popular and by the 1900's there was the Shakespearian style of play writing that was about dramatic love comedies. This has inspired movie directors to make motion pictures of his plays.

William Shakespeare


made by these idiots (Carson and Gabe)

Shakespeare's legacy

William Shakespeare is a world-reknown playwright and poet. He was born in 1564 at Stradford-on-Avon, England and died in 1616. Shakespeare wrote numerous plays and sonnets and invented thousands of words. In fact, he wrote more than 30 plays specializing in history, comedy, tragedy, or romance.



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