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William Rosencrans

William S. Rosecrans was born September 6, 1819 in Kingston , Ohio. The son of Crandell Rosecrans and Jane Hopkins and the great-grandson of Stephen Hopkins, colonial Governor of Rhode Island and a signer of the Declaration of Independence. Rosecrans was a graduate of the Class of 1842 at West Point ( 5th in the class of 56). Rosecrans was assigned engineering duty upon graduation, but resigned from the Army in 1854, and became an architect and a civil engineer. His rise in business was amazing. He took over direction of mining in western Virginia where his geological surveys with remarkable accuracy to profitable new veins (a fracture in rock containing a deposit of minerals of coal.). His first duties in the war were for the state of Ohio when he became the drillmaster for the 'Marion Rifles'. After which he became the engineering officer that laid the plan for Camp Dennison, Ohio. Eventually becoming the Commanding Officer of the 23rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry, Rosecrans was loved by the men of his Army but was harsh on his officers.Another problem of Rosecrans was he would micro-manage the movements of units himself instead of using the chain of command to direct movements. These problems were apparent at Chickamauga. Rosecrans issued an order to General Wood "to close in and support his left." This order created a hole in the Union line which helped with Longstreet's attack and led to the Confederate victory.


1861 July 11- Battle of Rich mountain1861 July 13- Battle of Corick's Ford 1862 september 19-Battle of Luka1862 october 3 second battle of Corinth1863 September 19-20- Battle of Chickamauga

He became President of a navigation company formed to transport coal. He was also an inventor. His inventions were odorless oil, a round lamp wick, a short practical lamp chimney, and a new and economical method of manufacturing soap. Helped union win the Battle of Chickamauga.

Lasting Impact

William Rosencran was not the onky person who helped lead the United states towards anti-slavery, but he did helppave the way.


William Rosencrans





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