William Penn Inn

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William Penn Inn

''William Penn Inn''William Penn Inn was the first place to offer food, water and a place to sleep for travelers. Most travelers came from a weary trip in a buggy, from Philadelphia. Did you know that it use to take all day to get from Philladelphia to Blue Bell, and now today it takes only half an hour?

William Penn Inn

William Penn Inn is about 200 years old!William Penn stayed at the William Penn Inn and so did George Washington. The inn was sold from person to person over the years. Once the inn was passed from father to son. Now, Peter R. Friedrich owns the inn.

The William Penn Inn has been aninn since 1827. It used to be called the William Penn Hotel.

George Washington stayed at the William Penn Inn during the Revaloutionary War.

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It has 3 restaurants, 4 guest rooms and a bake shop.They also do wedding and banquets.

William Penn Innis SUPER OLD!!200 years !!

William Penn Inn was owned by many different people since 1700.

Rte. 202 & Sumneytown PikeGwynedd, PA


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