[2015] Swapnil Rana: William Penn

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[2015] Swapnil Rana: William Penn

William Penn

Early YearsWillam Penn had a very intresting early years. Wiliam Penn was born in October 14, 1644. His mother,s name was Margret. His father's name was William Penn Sr. His dad was a British Navy officer. His family belonged to the Church of England. When he was three he had smallpox. After some years his family moved to Wanstead. In Wanstead he started school at Chigwell Free School. Then after he passed school his dad enrolled him in Oxford University in 1660. He also spent time at Academy of Samur. But he got kick out of Oxford because he rebelled againts the unversity's requirements. and he also studeied with Moses Amyraunt. He was a Brotestant profreser who taght religios freedom and tolerance. Then he became a quaker. These fantastic early years were wonderful for Penn.

Greatest AcomplishmentsWilliam Penn had had a fasinating greatest accomplishment. One was is he became a defender of Quakerism and defender of personal liberty. Then in March 1681, Penn founded Pennslyvania and became the proprietor. In that same year Penn made the Frame of Govenment. The next year Pen boarded a ship named Welcome. Welcome had smallpox so Penn was able to jelp because Penn had already had it. Some years later Lord Baltimore sailed to England to argue his care befor the King's Privy Council so Penn knew he had to go. After that Pen got himself arrested, but still he wrote and promote a vision for a better world. Once he went to Pennslyvania again he modified the Frame of Government and renamed it Charter of Privilieges. All of these greatest accomplishment-s help develop Pennslyvania.

Later YearHe continued to hold proprietorship of Pennslyvania until the Revolutionary War. Then Pennslyvania became one of the first thirteen colonies. But because of money problems Penn died penniless

Direct Quote" It was at this moment that the lord visited me with a certain sound of testimony of his enternal word " Penn knew he needed to be a Quaker.

Intreating FactPeople think Penn named Pennslyvania after himself, but that's not true,Penn actually named it in honor for his father because his father's name was also Willam Penn. and he put "Slyvania" in it because in Latin that ment woods


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