[2015] Taylor McGillvray: william Penn

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[2015] Taylor McGillvray: william Penn

In 1660-1662 he was sent to Oxford University to learn to be a leader. He didn't like the services , and refused to go. His father sent him to France to become a gentleman.

Late Life

In 1698 Will's wife died of illness close to cancer. Months after his wife died the King and Queen decided to give Pennsylvania back to him.

In 1698 William met a Qauker woman named Hannah Callowhill. Months later they got married.

In 1672 he went back to England and met Guliela Sprigett and got married.

In 1667 Will was arested for beliving in Quaker. He wrote letters, witch got him out of jail.

In 1683-1700 he went to the queen and her husband, they took Penn's Sylvania away from him when they found he was a Qauker.

In 1681 Will decided to name the country '' Penn's Sylvania.''

In 1657 his famliy moved to Ireland witch made him interested in Quaker religon.

William Penn was born in England on Oct 14 1644. He had 1 sister and 1 brother.




1660 to 1662

1700to 1705



1683 to 1700



In 1700 Will and Hannah had kids, they were the first in the Penn famliy to be born in Pensylvania. In 170o Will had a stroke and died. He was barried next to his first wife in England.

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William Penn

Early Life

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By, Taylor McGillvray


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