William Otis

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Inventors and Inventions

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William Otis

* Born on September 20, 1813* At a young age showed keen mechanical ingenuity* Saw a need to improve the way dirt is moved* Started to design the steam shovel* Had first Steam Shovel prototype built at the age of 20* Applied for paten at 22 but lost his plans in a fire.* Recived his paten in 1839* Died from typhous


* William's Invention changed the worlds way of excavation* He invented a machine that made it posible to move very large amounts of dirt that couldn't be done by hand* He invented and had his first prototype built by the time he was 20* He had a working machine that was patened and being used to build railroads by the time he died at the age of 27

Lasting Impact

Revolutionized the earthmoving business

William Otis


Modern Excavators at work

Grandfather of the ExcavationBusiness


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