William Moulton Marston - Lie Dietector

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William Moulton Marston - Lie Dietector

William Moulton Marston

William Moulton Marston was the first person to invent the lie dietector.

Lie Dietector

The impact on society was it helped with the police with convicking crimnals to get them in jail by asking them questions about the crime or if they know anything about it while hocked up the machine (Interagation).

*Marston was born on may 9th 1893 in Cliftondale,Massachusetts*Educated at Hrvard Univerity- got a B.A. in 1915,invented the lie dietector in 1915-Got a L.L.B. in 1918-Got a Ph.D in pyschology in 1921*Teached at American University in Wasington D.C. and teached at Tufts University in Medford,MA

Impact on society

Early life

*He noticed that when hiss wife got angry or excited her blood presure rose.*He wanted to see who was more honest males or females.*He noticed that if he used a blood presure tester after or while asking a question he could tell if they were lying or not,so he wanted to make a machine that was ment to be used to tell if someone was lying.

what I've learned about William M. Marston After he made the lie dietector he made a super hero called "Wonder Women" because with his test with women they were more honest then men so he wanted to make a super hero so he made one called it "Wonder Women".

steps of idea to invention

What i've learned

I understand that now before William made the lie detector he didn't belive women but after he made it he was mostly intreged in his studys with women on the lie detector.

Did William have any more invetions?

I'm thinking that William thought of making something when he was younger.

How did William know if his wife's blood presure rose?

William wanted to make it so he could make good in the world.

Did you know that 3 years after he made the lie dietector someone else bought one and said he made it and William sue him.

Why was William so interested in people lying?

Lie detector test


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