William McKinley

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William McKinley

THE LASTING IMPACTFor the first 60 years of the 20th century people believed William had been a weak president. Some people said that William Mckinley’s weakness has been the same in the political arena too. Although Mckinley was a managed president. People now think he is viewed as a president who tried mightily during the war.

FUN FACTS1. McKinley’s wife, Ida, disliked the color yellow so much she had all things yellow removed from the White House, including the yellow flowers in the garden. removed.2. McKinley was the only president between Andrew Johnson and Woodrow Wilson to be clean shaven.3.McKinley’s portrait was featured on the $500 bill, last printed in 1934.4.McKinley had a parrot named “Washington Post” who could whistle to the tune of Yankee Doodle.

BIOGRAPHYWilliam Mckinley was born on January 29, 1843. He was born in Niles, Ohio His family provided William jr the 7th out of 8 kids with a fun childhood. He spent his days horseback riding,fishing,hunting, and ice skating. Education was a serious part of Williams life. William tried hard at the Methodist seminary at is home of Poland, Ohio. After his graduation he became a part of Allegheny College in Meadville, Pennsylvania, in 1860. William attended Allegheny for only one term because of his sickness and many challenges he had. William lost both his children, Ida 4 months old. Also Katherine 4 years old in the 1870 after his wife was gone for the rest of her life. When the Civil War started William joined the 23rd Ohio Volunteer. During the war, the young private show that he was a great soldier on the battlefield especially at the bloody battle of Antietam. As a officer McKinley served on the staff of Colonel Rutherford B. He ended his 4 year job as a major. Which got him a title that would stay with him throughout his political career. He was elected Governor of Ohio in 1891. By then he was considered an important nation leader. Then by that time the Republican national convention voted for him to be president,William Mckinley was the 25th president . In 1900 Mckinley was re-elected as president. Although he did not complete his second term because he was shot by an anarchist on September 6,1901.

William Mckinley!25th president(1897-1901)

DatesServed as president 1897-1901 Born in January 29,1843Died in September 14, 1901His family lost everything in the panic of 1857In 1876 passed the bar exam and became a lawyerWilliam enlisted in the Union army in 1861 when the Civil War came outHe went to Allegheny College in Meadville, Pennsylvania in 1860.On January 29,1843 he became president

AccomplishmentsSome accomplishment of William Mckinley was that he got the gold standard as the official banking. He also improved many Civil rights. As well as he lead the nation to a victory of 1988 in Spain-American war. He was important because he led the nation to a great victory and he is Ohio's president so he is very important as the president. Also before becoming a president he served as a governor of Ohio and was known as an important Nation leader during that time.


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