William Lyon Mackenzie King

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William Lyon Mackenzie King

- William Lyon Mackenzie King was born on December 17, 1874- His grandfather was the first mayor of Toronto- His father was a lawyer who later decided to be a teacher- As a kid his motto was "Help those who cannot help themselves"- Earned 5 degrees from various universities- Only Prime Minister to earn a PhD (Political Science)- Became close friends with John D. Rockefeller Jr. while working for him


- Became Liberal leader by support of the Quebec bloc's- Rival was Arthur Meighen- Balanced tariffs between pleasing French-Canadians and Prairie-based Progressives- 1st North American leader to meet with Hitler- Passed 1935 Reciprocal Trade Agreement with U.S- Reduced the war debt- Lost 1930 election due to understimation of stockmarket crash

Foreign Policy

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William Lyon Mackenzie King


- During the 1920's, King's task was to begin rebuilding our great nation- Had to create oppurtunites for poverty striken Canadians- Had to compromise with the French-Canadians over conscription- His policy was "Conscription if necessary,but not necessarily conscription"

Social Issues


1946 UN Speech

Life and Legacy

- Kept Britain from interfering inCanada's independence- Sought autonomy from Britain- Relations with U.S became closer- Refused Jewish immigration- Refused entry to Jews aboard S.SSt. Louis- Style of governement associated with isloationism (after WWII)

- Kept a diary from 1893-1950- Highly eccentric- Communicated with spirits and took advice- Used a Ouija board and crystal ball- Never married- Regularly had sex with prostitutes- Ranked #1 in greatest Prime Ministers by Historians


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