William John Wills on his Mystery Adventurer

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William John Wills on his Mystery Adventurer

The Mysterious Adventurer Of William John Wills Life

Has any one heard of a person named William John Wills Before? Well I have. His name is written in the Australian Historty Books. Along with his friend Robert O'Hara Burke he was a famous explorer who led an expedition to croos the Australia's Red Centre.

William John Wills was bornin 1834 in Totnes in the country of England of Devon. He moved to Australia in 1853 with his father and brother. William was a young surveyor, meteorologist and astronomer. He did this to help his family to earn money, but what he really wanted to do was be an explorer.

In 1860, Wills expedition set out totravel from Melbourne to the Gulfof Carmpentaria in Australia. The purpose of the expedition was to explorer the inland sea and to discover an overland route for the telegraph line.

Wills and Burke expedition started when they left Melbourne on the 20 August, 1860, but after a dispute at Menindee, George James was dismissed an Wills became Burke's lievtenant. The party arrived at Cooper's Creek on the 11 November. Wills and Burke took with them for the expedition, six camels and one horse. They left for the Gulf of Carpentaria on the 16 December and reached on the 11 February, 1861. Did they make it back?

The Map of Burke and Wills Expedition

On the 28 June, 1861, William John Wills died. J.King wrote a letter to Wills father on the 27 June and the letter was delivered on the 29 June. Wills was burried in the 18 September by Howitt King. Wills and Burke funeral was on the 21 January , 1864.

This is when William John Wills died on the 28th June, 1861

This is when Burke and Wills started their expedition on the 20th August, 1860

This Letter was given to Wills father the day before Wills died

This is the grave when Burke and Wills died

This is what Burke and Wills got, for the hard work they did on their Expedition

This Map was for Burke and Wills to bring with on their Expedition


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