William James

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William James

William James

Biography-Born in New York City in 1842-Traveled to Europe throughout childhood-Wanted to be a painter-Went to Harvard-Graduated from Harvard Medical School in 1869-Taught at Harvard for 35 years-Married Alice Howe Gibbons-Suffered from severe depression most of his life-started one of the first psychology labs in 1874-Published the Principles of Psychology in 1890-Two years later published a smaller/shorter version: Psychology: The Briefer Course-Died in 1910

Major Contributions-Created one of the first psychology labs-Wrote The Principles of Psychology-"Talks to Teachers" influence on psychology in educational-pedagogical thinkers-Taught Psychology as part of a course of study at Harvard-James-Lange Theory-we are sad because we cry, emotion from bodily changes not bodily changes from emotion, while disproved, contributed to behavioral approach-Theory of Self-Thought by some to be the true father of Pragmatism-Stream of Consciousness-The Will to Believe

Philosophical Work-Pragmatism"James asserted that no system of philosophy can have a chance of universal acceptance if it neglects either craving."-Balance of two cravings: tender-mindedness vs. tough-mindedness-behavior and beliefs must be looked at along with complete life history

Of the numerous Jamesian dichotomies, this is the most famous ([1907] 1949, pp. 9–20): Tender-minded Tough-mindedRationalistic EmpiricistIntellectualistic SensationalisticIdealistic MaterialisticOptimistic PessimisticReligious IrreligiousFree-willist FatalisticMonistic PluralisticDogmatic Skeptical

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Pragmatism in Educationwatch the video :)

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The Will to Believe

It is our attitude at the beginning of a difficult task which, more than anything else, will affect its successful outcome.William James



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