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William J. Clinton

William Jefferson Clinton was one of the few presidents that held office to cut the deficit & continue to have a wealthy economy. For a short period during his first term in office the Democratic Party held power to all three branches of government. When ran for a second term he won by a landslide. He was the second president to be impeached by the House of Representatives; yet, the Senate found him not guilty. During this time Clinton also had to deal with terrorism bombing at an embassy in Africa and at the U.S.S. Cole.Before Clinton held office he had many other personal achievements and setbacks. Several months before he was born, his father died in a car crash. Bill's grandparents helped raised him so his mom could go to nursing school. He attended Georgetown University and was named a Rhodes Scholar. When Bill went to Yale Law School he met Hillary Rodham, and they married in 1975. They would five years later have a daughter named Chelsea.

World Events

1946 - Born in Arkansas1968 - Graduated College as Rhodes Scholar1973 - Lost 1st election in AK1978 - Governor of AK1982- Lost Governorship1986-1992 - Governor of AK1992-2000 - President of the United States

During President Clinton's time in office the following events happened:1993-1994 - US tries to help Somalia in their civil war.1992-1995 - Bosnia breaks human right laws & NATO intervenes. 1993-2000 - Denuclearization of both Koreas 1994-1995 - Interventions in Haiti1996 - Bombing at Olympics in Atlanta, GA1998 - Oklahoma City bombing

Past Jobs

Rhodes ScholarAttorney State GeneralGovernor of Arkansas


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