William Henry Harrison

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William Henry Harrison

Military Services:-In the Army from 1791-1798, and rose to Captain. -When he was Governor of Indiana territory, he fought Indians at Tippecanoe in 1811.-Harrison was the Major General of the Kentucky Militia in 1812. -In the Army again from 1812-1814.-He was Major General in command of North West.

Presidency:-Term- 31 days-Party- Whig-Repealed Independant Tresury ActPost Presidency:-Known as the man who held the shortest presidency ever in the history of Ameica-Died of phnemonia 31 days into office

William Henry Harrison

Other Political Careers-Secretary of NW Territory-US Representative-Governor of Indiana Territory and Superintendent of Indian Affairs -Ohio state senator-Minister to Colombia

Other Facts--He had ten children-He was remembered for a campaign slogna that went "Tippecanoe and Tyler too." He got the nickname "Tippecanoe" after winning numerous battles with Indian tribes.-His grandson, Benjamin Harrison, also became president

Personal Life-Born on Februrary 9th, 1773 in Berkley, Virginia.- Died on April 4th, 1841


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