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William Hall

William Hall was born in Nova Scotia to parents who were former enslaved Americans.As a young man, Hall srudied navigation and worked in shipyards at Hantsport, building wooden ships for the merchant marine. He then joined the crew of a trading vessel and, before he was eighteen, had visited most of the world’s important ports.In 1852, he enlist in the Royal Navy in Liverpool, England. His first service, as Able Seaman with HMS Rodney, included two years in the Crimean War. After the Crimean War, Hall was assigned to the receiving ship HMS Victory at Portsmouth, England. He then joined the crew of HMS Shannon as Captain of the Foretop. It was his service with Shannon that led to the Victoria Cross.


For his service in the Crimean War, Hall was decorated with British and Turkish medals.During the Indian Mutiny, while he was serving on the Shannon, Hall volunteered with a relief force sent to Lucknow, India. Only Hall was left standing in the attack; he continued to fight until the relief was assured. For this outstanding display of bravery, he was awarded the Victoria Cross.


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1827 - Birth1852 - Enlisted in Royal Navy1857 - Served on the HMS Shannon1859 - Recieved a Victoria Cross1904 - Death

William Hall

"the first Black person, the first Nova Scotian 'one of the first Canadians to receive the British Empire’s highest award for bravery, the Victoria Cross."


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