William H. Harrison

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William H. Harrison

Born: Feb. 9, 1773Time in office: 1 monthMarch 4, 1841 - April 4, 1841Most known for: Nation's longest Inaugural Speech lasting 2 hrs. Political Party: Whig PartyNickname: "Old Tip"

William Henry Harrison was governor of the Indiana Territory and superintendent of the Northwest Indians. Fearing the growing strength of Tecumseh’s confederacy, Harrison decided to strike quickly.He marched an army of 1,100 men along the Wabash toward Prophet’s Town. Tecumseh was temporarily out of the area on a recruiting venture among the Creeks in the south, but his brother prepared the men for battle with fiery oratory — including promises that they could not be harmed by the white men’s bullets.Shortly before dawn on November 7, 1811, Harrison’s soldiers were attacked. After a two-hour battle, the natives were forced to flee and their village — the gathering spot of the confederacy — was destroyed. Some military historians regard the Battle of Tippecanoe as a draw, but note that it held important ramifications:The safety of the white settlements in the Indiana Territory became markedly improved.The Prophet was discredited as a leader because of his inability to ensure the promised invincibility from the opponents' bullets and also because he had violated Tecumseh's earlier counsel to hold off any armed confrontation until his return.The confederation of the eastern tribes disintegrated.

William Henry Harrison

Battle of Tippecanoe

* William Henry Harrison was the only President who studied to become a doctor. * His father was an original signer on the Declaration of Independence. * He served 1 month in office after dying from pneumonia. * He gave the Nation's longest Inaguaral speech lasting 2 hours.

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"Tippecanoe and Tyler Too!"


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