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William Golding

*was born in Cornwall,England 1911.*Studied science at Oxford for two years he revolted against his fathers wishes and changed his major to literature and education.*Taught prep boys for 20 years.*Won the noble prize in 1983 for literature.

*Golding was infuenced by the Holocaust, Nazi brutality, the atrocities caused by the atomic bomb, the rise of communism, his war experience, and the rise of techonlogy.

William Golding

Raplh is a 12 year old boy he was elected leader of the island. he is a great leader he is courageous and smart. He is rescued at the end with the other boys by the naval officer.He symbolizes democracy and rescue.

Piggy is Raplhs secondhand man he is wise and smart he is the outsider of the group. He is fat and lazy he is annoying to the other boys He symbolizes wisdom.He is killed by Jack.He is 12 years old.

Simon is 9 or 10 he is a skinny blond haired boy. he shares his stuff with other boys he tries to make them happy when he can he halucinates and faints ofter he is killed by jack and his hunters when they were doing their chant he symbolizes motherly hope.

Jack is 12 years old he was once part of Ralphs tribe but he left to form his own tribe of hunters. Jack is a savage whos only disire is to kill. achieves total controll by using fear to his advantage he symbolizes savagery within human beings.

Jack’s second hand man A sadistic, cruel older boy who brutalizes the littluns and eventually murders Piggy by rolling a boulder onto him. he is rescued with the other boys. He symbolizes savagerys dispair.

*The boys are in a plane crash *They create a fire on the mountain *Fire kills the boy with the maluberry birthmark


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