William Gilbert

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William Gilbert

In 1600 he published "De Magnete", it was considered at the time to be the standard work for Magnetism and Electricity throughout Europe. In the book he distinguished between static (Amber Effect) and magnetism. He also compared the magnetic polarity to the Earth's polarity and considered the Earth to be one giant magnet. He thought the center of the Earth was a perfectly spherical lodestone that wpuld spin on its axis when aligned with Earth's poles. Even though this has been proven to be false, he debunked the theory that Earth was at the center of the universe and paved the way for other scientists such as Galileo.

William Gilbert (Gilberd)

Senior Fellow, Physician to Elizabeth I, and Author of "De Magnete".

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Fun Facts

1) Gilbert was born on May 24, 1544 in Colchester, England to Jerome and Elizabeth Gilbert, and died November 30, 1603.2) He went to St John's College Cambridge 1558 and earned his B.A., M.A.,and M.D..3) He worked as a physician most of his life. Most notably as the physician to Queen Elizabeth I.


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