William F. "Buffalo Bill" Cody

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William F. "Buffalo Bill" Cody

Cody was born in 1846 in the Iowa terriory. In 1859 Cody moved to Colorado in search of gold at Pikes Peak. The following year at age 14 Cody became part of the pony express. Cody became part of the Civil war and in 1867 he began hunting buffalo to feed construction works working on the rail road (hence the name Bufflo Bill). In 1868 Cody returned to war to chief scout. In 1872 Cody began The Scouts of the Praire a wild west show. In 1883 Cody started "Bufflo Bills Wild West." In 1885 Cody stated saying that Native Americans were considred Americans to the point that Sitting Bull was even in his show.


1864- Born in Iowa 1857 - became cattle hearder in Kansas 1859- Went to Denver for gold Rush 1860 - Joined Pony Express 1867- Began hunting bufflo 1868- Returned to Chief Scout in war 1872- 1886"Scouts of the Praire" and sequels (performingn 35 times) 1887- Invited to England by Queen Victoria to perform in her Golden Jubilee Court 1917- Died in Denver

Cody was known for his search for gold, army fighting, and western shows. After fighting in the civil war Cody started in his prized western show which coined the words cowboy and girlcow. This evetually led to "Buffalo Bill Wild West" and Cody's livelyhood.

Lasting Impact

Buffalo Bills lasting impact was his equal view for the Native Americans.



William F. "Buffalo Bill"Cody



Buffalo Bill


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