William Clark

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William Clark

nobody knew what the western teritory was or what treasures it contained so Thomas Jefferson put together an expidtion to explore the land and contact the American Indians who lived there.To lead it Jefferson chose his secritary Meriwther Lewis.Lewis chose Clark to be his partner.

Results of the expidition

In May 1804, They set off near St.Louis following the Missouri River Westward in three boats.

William Clark

Born August 1, 1770 in Caroline County, Virgina to John Clark 3 and Ann Rogers Clark.He was nuber 9 out of 10 siblings. Clark was tutored at home.

They discovered the Louisianna purchase,The sale of a huge piece of land from France to the U.S.

Importance of the discovery

The purpose for the expidition

Fun Facts

Lewis and Clark have been friends since they were little.Clark is over six feet tall.


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They are the first group of Americans to reach the Pacific by land.They documented hundreds of species of plants and animals.They established friendly relations woth dozens of American Indian Tribes.



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