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William Clark

ClarkWilliam Clark's most well known picture.Did You Know?Clark went into the US army at only 19 years old! Plus, he went on the Expedition! He was a well serving American citizen.

This article will be about the co-captain of the Lewis and Clark expedition, William Clark

William Clark

My Early LifeI was born in Caroline County, Virginia on August 1, 1770.I was born in a family of ten kids, all of my brothers were revolutionary war veterans.When I was a child, an elder brother, George Rogers Clark, won the Old Northwest for the US. At 14, my family moved to Louisville, Kentucky.Afer I joined the army, I was sent to spy on the Spanish.I helped defend the pioneer settlements against Native Americans in the US army.

My InfluenceI was an excellent mapmaker and helped figure what routes the expedition should take.I was an experienced soldier and outdoorsman, and helped keep the expedition moving forward- into the west.I was the exploration's cartographer, and drew the first map at Fort Mandan.I kept very careful compass records. TimelineBirth Aug. 1, 1770 in VirginiaEvent 1 1804, piced to go on journeyEvent 2 1804 - 1806 Went, and comes back from JourneyDeath Sept. 1, 1838 in St.Louis

My AccomplishmentsI was the co-captain on the Lewis and Clark expedition ( 1804 - 1806 ).In 1813, I became the governor of the Missouri Territory.I went to Washington to get a whole bunch of awards for what I have acheived for the past few years.I also got the Became Brigadier of Indian Affairs for the Territory of Louisiana.Fun Facts 1. I married Julia hancock in 1808 2. I cared for Sacagawea's children when she died in 1812 3. I was 6 feet tall! Credits 1. school.eb.com 2. www.lewisandclark 3. Encyclopedia Britannica Online 4. biography.com 5. Nationalgeographic.com 6. Pbs.org/lewisandclark/inside 7. MC La La video


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