William Caskey discusses The Cuban missile crisis

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William Caskey discusses The Cuban missile crisis

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The missiles were discovered in Cuba by a U2. The missiles could reach the majority of the east coast of the United States.According to William, he was positive the United States was going to war. He said that this was a very intense and scary time in American history.William and his wife had two children at this time. William kept his wife's car stocked with supplies. They created a plan for her and their children to drive to Kentucky if the missiles were ever launched.

William worked in the United States Air Force as an enlisted member. He worked in the communications department. He and his wife moved to the base in South Carolina in 1962. This was the year the Cuban Missile took place.

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William Caskey Discusses The Cuban Missile Crisis

Facts from William:The missiles were discovered by a U2 from the Air Force Special Projects Production Facility (AFSPPF). One of his high school classmates was on stand-by to bomb cuba.


William woked in the Crypto devision of the Communications department. He worked on encrypting and decrypting classified materials. After the missiles were discovered William was on call at all times. He had to answer the phone in his office and home within 2 rings. His office would get calls every 15 minutes. William says this was a very stressful time to be in the military.

A Three Star General brought in a high priority emergency meeting to William's office. According to William, these messages have to be approved by the Department of Defence. Those messages are only sent in times of war. William had to decode this message for the General. The message declared that the United States would not be going to war with Cuba. William says we were very lucky to have not gone to war.

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