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William Carlberg Glog

The Happy Princes ruby studded sword. The Happy Prince told the swallow to take the ruby from his sword and gave it to the poor family as a gift to help the mother take care of her sick son.

The sapphire represents the happy princes eyes.He asked the swallow to give one of his eyes to the failing writer to help his career start. He then asks the swallow to give his other eye to the poor match girl that has spoiled all her matches accidently.

The setting is in a town square in 1888.

The Happy Prince

My name is the Happy Prince. I am am a statue but was once human. I'm a compassionate person and I hate to see people suffer. So with the help of my friend the swallow I donate my wealth to the poor people that are suffering in my kingdom.

This gold leaf represents the gold leafing the Happy Prince is covered in. He begs the swallow to give his gold leafing to the two homeless orphans so that they may get food and warmth.

The most tragic thing happens at the winter starts to occur in town. It will change the Happy Princes and the swallows life forever. One thing is for sure love and friendship can last forever.

This picture represents the conflict the swallow faces with her self and her nature. She is conflicted with herself with weither or not she should keep helping the Happy Prince or not. This picture also repesents the swallows conflict with nature because she was fighting of her natural urge to fly south for the winter all just to help the Happy Prince.

The theme of this book is a wonderful recipe that leaves the reader at a loss for words. It is a beautiful blend of friendship and love. Along with a dash of happiness and pinch of sadness. Finally, to top it off a tall glass of compassion which brings it all together to form a truly delicious meal.



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